January 13, 2022

The advantages of the new upgrad...

The repeated inefficiency of expense expense management system, the derailment of financial and business processes, and the inability to efficiently apply financial data and information to business process management decisions have been one of the difficulties that confuse small business finance staff and bosses. After the release of the online reimbursement system software, according to the online reimbursement and fully automated data information retention, analysis, expense management difficulties are easily solved. What are the advantages of online reimbursement system software for so many companies to pick it, today I will reveal for the big guys!

The advantages of online reimbursement system software

The strong arrival of the online reimbursement period will hopefully give birth to new business operation models and reconstruct traditional corporate financial management methods. Statistics show that in China, the annual demand of the enterprise market reached 2 trillion yuan, and corporate finance as the main battlefield of information technology, the clarity and controllability of the content of financial information has a higher degree of regulation. It is hoped that there will be great business opportunities around the stages of issuance, convergence, reimbursement, entry and archiving of online reimbursement.

Online reimbursement is a new and upgraded reimbursement method for enterprise reimbursement management method in the period of Internet technology informationization. It helps enterprises to connect the whole steps of purchase - reimbursement - accounting, helps enterprises to enhance the purchase steps, reduces costs in all aspects, completes compliance management, fully transparent expense control management methods, allows finance to say goodbye to the complex transcription of accounts, multi-directional treatment of enterprise reimbursement troubles, truly completes the vertical, digital electronic, intelligent system of dexterous reimbursement management methods, enterprise customers are widely acclaimed.

The role of online reimbursement is not only limited to the enterprise side. If the past abstraction of enterprise information technology into the four levels of information technology within the unit, information technology between units, information technology within the whole enterprise, information technology between enterprises, then the online reimbursement can be interpreted as one of the main mediums for the development of information technology update of the whole society. It is the bridge between China Unicom's corporate transactions and internal financial management methods, and also a breakthrough to improve corporate management efficiency and thus reconstruct the green ecology of all corporate transactions.

Why online reimbursement system software is so popular among enterprises

Yue reimbursement system software changes the past financial management mechanism, shifting the nodes of internal control of financial management methods, and at the same time categorizing and analyzing the cost data information formed during the real operation of the enterprise "with tax invoice" and "without invoice", automatically generating statistical data charts, generating a real easy-to-understand "flowing bill", making it easy for the financial staff to grasp the list of asset liquidity instantly, and to advise the operators and manipulate the expenses according to the difference status.

At the same time, Yueyue's reimbursement is as convenient for finance staff in their daily work. The complicated statistical analysis of reimbursement expenses, the non-standard filling and sticking of reimbursement forms, the unverifiable documents, and the frequent determination of payments and receipts ...... will eventually be far away from finance. According to Yueyue reimbursement, finance staff will be liberated from the tedious inefficiency, just one click to guide out all the reimbursement data information, you can easily grasp the spending status, convenient statistical analysis, reporting and bookkeeping.

In addition, the situation that the financial workload is increased because of the non-standard operation of the employees in the whole process of reimbursement will also be improved, and the frequent telephone or signature determination will be replaced by the easy online determination. Taking into account the convenience of financial verification and remote control of foreign enterprises, the image of the submitted documents will be stored for a long time, so that the managers of enterprises can view the information of enterprise expense data and the image of documents with less time and effort, without suffering from the limitation of time and address.

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